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Support BlueCheck Ukraine!​

BlueCheck Ukraine identifies, vets, and fast-tracks urgent financial support to Ukrainian NGOs and aid initiatives providing lifesaving and other critical humanitarian work on the front lines of Russia’s war on Ukraine, with the support of our pro-bono partners Ropes and Gray and Integrity Risk International. BlueCheck was launched in March 2022 by a collective of humanitarian crisis response experts, academics, and filmmakers with decades of experience addressing the needs of conflict-affected populations and documenting solidarity movements countering oppression.

Since March, BlueCheck has identified and vetted several frontline organizations needing immediate financial support to continue their operations, and it continues to raise money to support those on the ground.


Support Vetted and Validated Humanitarian Aid Orgs in Ukraine

Nova Ukraine operates as the financial conduit for BlueCheck-raised funds for vetted and approved organizations. The goal is to distribute as much funding to frontline organizations and initiatives as rapidly and responsibly as possible while ensuring funds are allocated and spent on high-impact operations.