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Emergency In Ukraine: Donate Now

Your support will provide emergency relief and grow our efforts in assisting Ukrainians with humanitarian aid during this conflict. 

​This crisis is developing and we urgently need your support. Your donation helps provide emergency resources to refugees fleeing Ukraine. Your gift will help provide food, meals, clothing, relocation support and emergency relief to those affected by the crisis. We are working on the ground with teams in Poland on the border to assist those in need.

Donations are 100% secure and tax-deductible, we are an accredited non-profit organization listed by Charity Navigator, featured in LA Times, TIME and others for ways to assist in the current Ukraine conflict. There are only one verified pages for Nova Ukraine on Instagram or Facebook.

We have raised over $3.5m and counting in humanitarian aid for Ukraine since the start of the invasion! We must keep going!


Here's What You Can Do to Help People in Ukraine Right Now

Nova Ukraine, also an American nonprofit, works closely with Ukraine-based organizations and is currently assembling supply packages that include diapers for children and adults, baby food, hospital supplies, and dry foods for a children’s orphanage in Donetsk.

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Want To Help Ukraine? These California Organizations Need Your Help

What it does: Nova Ukraine has several humanitarian efforts, including Heart2Heart, which assembles and delivers aid packages to Ukraine.


How to Help the People of Ukraine

Donate to Nova Ukraine’s Heart2Heart initiative, which assembles care packages for people in Ukraine.

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100% Secure and Tax Deductible

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